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Photo of nurse bathing a newborn. CE Makes a Difference!

Please help us document the effectiveness of our offerings by submitting a Practice Example.

Describe a situation in which a UW Continuing Nursing Education (UWCNE) offering...

  • Helped you improve standards of care in your work setting.
  • Helped you improve a specific patient's care and health outcomes.
  • Gave you new tools to educate others (e.g., colleagues, students, family, friends).
  • Gave you an "Ah-ha!" moment, and you were able to connect that knowledge with your professional or personal life.
  • Helped you decide to change something in the near future.

Sample Practice Example

I was impressed with the information relayed on the importance of pneumococcal and flu vaccines for health care workers. The speaker presented data about a flu outbreak among patients and staff in one area of a hospital. When everyone in that area was cultured, they found that ½ of all staff and patients were carriers of the virus and none of them exhibited any s/s of the virus. This lecture gave me new ammunition to use to encourage patients and staff to get these vaccines.

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